Thursday, January 31, 2019

Top 4 Blockchain Apps That Are Enhancing Our Lifestyle

Blockchain is a revolutionizing breakthrough that has enabled transparent digital transactions along with impregnable security. It first got popular with the cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. After witnessing its potential, several developers from across the world started employing it in different areas and reap benefits from them. Truly enough, Blockchain is having and will continue to have a huge impact on how we handle various things - finance, healthcare, business, and more.

Blockchain Apps That Are Revolutionizing The World

Here are the top 4 Blockchain Apps that are enhancing our lifestyle!

1) Identity:

Physical ID Proofs like Driver’s Licence, Social Security ID, and others are not always available or safe to carry everywhere. They can get stolen and that can cause some real trouble. Substituting them with a digital Blockchain ID will make identity verification easy on all platforms which greatly accelerates many procedures as well as keeps your identity robustly secure from ID thieves and hackers.

2) Smart Contracts:

Blockchain removes the need for intermediary bodies to regulate transactions. By following an “If-This-Then-That(IFTTT) code, it is able to self-execute tasks after all the ledger participants have received the contract details and agreed to the contractual terms. 

This process is very useful in situations concerning recordkeeping in healthcare, ascertaining crowdfunding agreements, and financial derivatives.

3) Business:

Apart from smart contracts, certain apps are able to provide really good support to the functions of businesses. For instance, improving the trading and settlement processes within and outside borders help efficiently manage the various assets of a company. 

More often than not, claiming insurances becomes a tedious job due to the several verification procedures. But this can be avoided with Blockchain Application Development.

4) Internet of Things:

IoT is capable of automating so many things and on a very large scale, so large that it can actually empower cities, to give you an insight. When it comes to dealing with something at such a secure, it is vital to incorporate a system which is capable of securing and handling it. 

Coupling Blockchain Application Development with IoT makes the connection of devices really smooth, efficient, and secure.

The need for justice has always been a rousing feeling within us and Blockchain appears to give that to us in many places. We could certainly agree that it pretty much patches-up several flaws and loopholes of the internet. This makes it absolutely invaluable, enabling fair trade and transactions by following ethical norms. 

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